Toyota’s Hydrogen-Powered Corolla and Prius Set for Launch in 2023

Toyota has announced its plans to launch a hydrogen-powered Corolla and Prius in 2023. This is an exciting development for the company, as it signifies Toyota’s continued commitment to developing fuel cell technology. Hydrogen-powered cars are seen as the future of driving; their only byproduct is water vapour!

Toyota will release its new hydrogen-powered Prius and Corolla in 2023 to extend its zero-emission vehicle lineup according to a report by Forbes.

An all-new Prius Hybrid is expected to arrive late next year. In addition to the normal hybrid powertrain, Toyota will, for the first time, combine its two most famous technologies in a hydrogen Prius, which will be produced exclusively at Toyota’s Mirai plant in Japan.

According to Forbes, the 2023 Prius Hybrid will include a hydrogen-powered PHEV variant in its line. Toyota will be the first to combine H2 and a plug-in model. To be clear, Toyota is developing a conventional engine powered by hydrogen, not a fuel cell that transforms hydrogen into electricity. It’s a significant distinction, one that would make production much simpler.

According to the report, Toyota plans to release a hydrogen-powered Corolla by 2023. After competing at the Fuji 24 Hours with a hydrogen-powered Corolla as a demonstration of the technology, Toyota announced that it will bring a hydrogen-powered Corolla out in 2023.

These two future Toyota models, together with Toyota’s gasoline hybrids and the highly anticipated bZ4x all-EV model, would make Toyota one of the most diverse selections of low-emissions cars on the market.

Toyota is releasing two new hydrogen-powered cars. This will help them with the green mobility movement, and it will help them to be in front of the other companies.

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