Toyota Highlander Safety Features

A comprehensive list of the safety technology you get on this vehicle.

The Toyota Highlander is a great choice for those who need an efficient and spacious vehicle that can drive on highways with ease. You’ll appreciate how much safety equipment the Toyota has in order to protect you, as well as any passengers!

Toyota Safety Sense 2.5+ (TSS 2.5+) is a set of features designed to keep you safe on the roadways, with improved attention from drivers allowing for better judgments and decisions when driving.

It is an advanced system that prevents frontal collisions by being fully integrated and ensuring drivers stay in their designated lanes at all times, as well as improving safety at night with automatic emergency braking!

Let’s go through each process in greater depth to have a better sense of its possibilities.

Highlander safety features on all models:

Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection and Bicycle Detection

The Pre-Collision System includes a laser and camera that can detect other automobiles and, if an accident is possible, warn the driver using audio and visual warnings.

It doesn’t just detect other cars and pedestrians on the road during the day as well as in low-light situations, it can also detect bicycles that may enter its route while driving during the day.

The Pre-Collision System will apply the brakes if the driver does not respond to your signals in order to avoid a collision. If the system is unable to help the driver entirely avoid the accident, it may be able to lessen how severe the frontal collision would be.

The system includes a laser and camera that can detect other automobiles and, if an accident is possible, warn the driver using audio and visual warnings.


Left/Right Turn Vehicle Detection

The Pedestrian System can identify an oncoming vehicle or pedestrian when making a left-hand turn, as well as an oncoming pedestrian when making a right-hand turn, at intersections.


Automated Emergency Steering Risk Avoidance

Emergency steering is a system that helps you drive and avoid risky situations ahead of your vehicle. This system will help avoid collision with pedestrian ahead in your lane. In TSS 2.5+, the system can also react to vehicle or bicylist.

Lane Departure Alert with Steering Assist and Road Edge Detection

The advanced lane departure warning system uses a camera to alert you when you’ve strayed into clearly designated lanes on the road. This function not only aids in steering assistance when you unintentionally move lanes, but it also aids in detecting when you are about to go off the edge of the roadway.

Full-Speed Range Dynamic Radar Cruise Control

Full-Speed Dynamic Cruise Control allows for vehicle-to-vehicle distance control down to 0 km/h and resume from a complete stop. You may set your speed limit and following distance, as well as the choice of merging, low-speed following, and the ability to accelerate in order to keep up with a car ahead.


Curve Speed Management

Curve speed management is a new feature of the Dynamic Cruise Control system. It uses the car’s cameras and sensors to identify curves and slow it down as it enters a turn, then resume its regular speed when the road straightens again.


Road Sign Warnings

The Traffic Sign Assist feature allows you to display traffic signs on the dashboard information display. It can identify speed limits, stops, yield symbols, and no entry signs. The system may also produce warnings such as if the speed reaches or exceeds the legal limit, or if a stop sign is disregarded.

Lane Tracing Assist

Lane Trace Assist is an excellent feature for people who love to drive fast and safely. It can help you by setting following distances while using Dynamic Cruise Control, but it also checks to see if there’s an open lane in front of your car – so all you have to do is steer left or right with your hands still on top of the wheel!

Automatic High Beam

The Automatic High-Beam function gives you superior forward vision on dark roads when you don’t want to worry about distracting other motorists. The car will recognize and react to the headlights and taillights of other drivers, allowing you to drive safely without disturbing passing traffic.


Enhanced Line & Road Recognition

The lane identification capability has been enhanced with TSS 2.5+ to allow the system to identify the line of travel when road markings are momentarily unavailable.

Blind Spot Monitor System

Blind Spot Monitors alert drivers to vehicles in their blind spot. It helps you spot cars that might go unnoticed in the side view mirrors, boosting your confidence and helping you drive safely.

Rear Cross-Traffic Alert

The Rear Cross-Traffic Alert will sound an alert if you’re backing up at a slow speed. It informs you of the oncoming vehicle’s approach with warning chimes and lights on the outside mirror, allowing for potential collisions that may have been prevented otherwise.

Highlander safety features on selected models:

In addition to the above safety features, this vehicle offers more sophisticated technology on higher trims that will improve your driving experience. Learn about these features below.

Safety FeaturesBlind Spot MonitorRear Cross-Traffic AlertRear Cross-Traffic BrakingFront/Back Parking Clearance SonarBird’s Eye View Panoramic CameraDestination AssistEmbedded Navigation w/ Traffic & WeatherRemote ConnectService ConnectSafety ConnectAnti-Theft Alarm System
Gas - LE
Gas - XLE
Gas - Bronze Edition
Gas - Limited
Gas - Platinum
Hybrid - LE
Hybrid - XLE
Hybrid - XSE
Hybrid - Limited
Hybrid - Platinum

Rear Cross-Traffic Braking

When backing up, rear cross-traffic braking may assist you. If the radar determines that you are in danger of colliding with another car from behind, the brake system will be activated.

Available on:

  • Gas- Limited, Platinum
  • Hybrid- Limited, Platinum

Front/Back Parking Clearance Sonar

Parking Clearance Sonar makes it simple and safe to travel in tight spaces at low speeds. It detects objects around your car, sounds an audible alarm if you get too close, and activates sensors on the front, rear, and edges of the vehicle. If you keep coming closer after getting this function activated, the brakes will be automatically applied.

Available on:

  • Gas- Limited, Platinum
  • Hybrid- Limited, Platinum

Bird’s Eye View Panoramic Camera

The vehicle has front, rear, and side cameras that create a 360-degree panoramic view and give you a good perspective of your surroundings. You may switch to this mode by pressing a button on the remote at any time. When you put the car in reverse, the screen will show several angles from behind and all around it for parking.

Available on:

  • Gas- Platinum
  • Hybrid- Platinum

Embedded Navigation w/ Traffic & Weather

The in-car navigation system, which is standard on most models, includes a built-in map and navigation capability that may be used at any time without access to the internet or mobile data connections. Real-time traffic information and weather warnings are accessible through the system.

Available on:

  • Gas- Limited, Platinum
  • Hybrid- Limited, Platinum

Remote Connect

$9.95/month subscription fee required after 3-year trial.

This allows you to access your Toyota vehicle remotely with an Apple Watch, Android smartwatch, or smartphone. With Toyota Remote Connect, you may lock and unlock doors, close windows, turn on the ignition, find your car, and more using your smart device.

Use this feature to warm up or cool down your vehicle before you get on your way! The setup for Remote Connect is quite easy!

*Plug-in Hybrid models come with Remote Climate Start instead, door lock/unlock is not available.

Available on:

  • Gas- XLE Premium, Trail, TRD Off Road, Limited
  • Hybrid- XSE, XSE Technology, Limited
  • Plug-in Hybrid- XSE, XSE Premium Technology

Service Connect

Subscription fee may be required after trial ends.

Vehicle Health Reports and notifications in your Toyota App when a warning light comes on in the dashboard are available with Vehicle Service Connect.

You can take action and stay up to date on the maintenance of your vehicle with it. It contains Vehicle Health Reports and notifies you when a warning light turns on in the dashboard of your car.

Available on:

  • Gas- XLE, XSE, Limited, Platinum
  • Hybrid- XLE, Bronze Edition, Limited, Platinum

Safety Connect

$9.95/month subscription fee required after 1-year trial.

Safety Connect can assist you in staying safe while on the road. You may contact our 24/7 response center by pressing a button to reach us at any time. If an accident occurs, Safety Connect is available to you at all times.

Available on:

  • All gas & Hybrid models

Destination Assist

$9.95/month subscription fee required after 1-year trial.

Destination Assist allows drivers to reach their intended location by connecting them with a live customer support representative who can walk them through their vehicle’s conventional navigation system to a place or thing of interest.

Available on:

  • Gas- Limited, Platinum
  • Hybrid- Limited, Platinum

Anti-Theft Alarm System

When you are not in the vehicle, the anti-theft alarm system keeps it secure. When unauthorized entrance is detected, the hazard lights are activated and an acoustic alarm is sounded.

The engine immobilizer is a security mechanism that works in conjunction with the electric key fob to ensure your car starts only if the right electric key code has been provided. This number is stored on a transponder chip inside your key or smart key.

Available on:

  • Gas- XLE, XSE, Limited, Platinum
  • Hybrid- XLE, Bronze Edition, Limited, Platinum


The Highlander has a variety of extra features in addition to its outstanding safety capabilities. Check out our Highlander Trim Levels Guide for an in-depth look at the trims and features available before making your decision:

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