Video: New Highlander Hybrid XLE 2021 in Celestial Silver Metallic

Video: New Highlander Hybrid XLE 2021 in Celestial Silver Metallic

The New Highlander Hybrid XLE comes with Power Sunroof, Power Passenger Seat, and Remote Start. It’s a well-priced mid-trim Highlander Hybrid and the most affordable choice if you are looking for SofTex Leather instead of fabric for its interior.

There are several other available trims for this car. Be sure to get a tour of this car with the video above or check out the many photos in the photo gallery below!

This new Highlander Hybrid XLE with automatic eCVT comes with 2.5 Litre V4 hybrid engine. It’s basically the same configuration as the RAV4 Hybrid. It drives very quietly with comparable power to the V6 engine that comes on the gas variant.

2021 highlander hybrid xle silver exterior backlight
LED Headlights & Taillights
2021 highlander hybrid xle silver 18 inch alloy wheels
Matching wheel design

This new Highlander Hybrid XLE is equipped with 18″ allow wheels with unique rim design. It has chrome roof rail and LED headlights and fog lights.

Remote Connect is added to the Hybrid XLE trim, which enables you to get the car warmed up ahead of time with its start/shut off engine feature via the Toyota app or the KeyFob.

The new Highlander Hybrid XLE comes with a standard size power sunroof and power driver and passenger seats.  Rear door sunshades are built-in start on the XLE trim.

Panoramic sunroof

There are other wonderful small features integrated into the XLE, such as the auto-dimming rearview mirror with garage door opener, and a high-quality tonneau cover for the cargo area.

2021 highlander hybrid xle silver gearshift
Slide-gesture enabled touch screen

You will enjoy driving the new Highlander Hybrid XLE. It comes with trail mode for better traction control. A switch is conveniently located by the gear shift to switch between sport, normal and ECO mode.

Similar to most of the trims in the Highlander Hybrid, the XLE has bench seating for its middle row, enabling you to drive with a total of 8 people in the car.

It has advanced three-zone climate control, so you can control the temperature separately for the driver, front passenger and the back seat area.

2021 highlander hybrid xle silver 8 inch touchscreen
Slide-gesture enabled touch screen

A standard 8″ touchscreen display provides access to Apple CarPlay & Android Auto, as well as high quality backup camera image.

The new Highlander Hybrid XLE comes with push-button-start and smart key detection, so you can keep your keyfob in your pocket from start to finish of your journey with this XLE!

The price for a Platinum model is in the luxury tax bracket, so it may be wise to consider the Limited model which will keep the tax at 12% if you are purchasing in BC.

These are the key features that you get exclusive on the Platinum and if you don’t see value in them, you should be fine going with the Limited: 12.3″ touch screen with slide gesture, digital display rearview mirror, 360 bird’s-eye-view camera and reverse auto-tilting side mirrors.

Also, the Platinum is the only trim that has the middle row captain’s chairs. If you rather have 8 seats instead of just 7, the Limited is a good option too.

Be sure to check out all the trims and their differences before deciding!

The LE is a great choice if you prefer to keep a lower budget. It comes with the same great engine and design. With heated front seats, power driver seat, power backdoor, as well as blind spot monitor so you won’t be missing out any basic features.

But the LE does not come with a sunroof and only has fabric seats. So this may not be a good option if you enjoy having the extra light inside the car during your commute or if you anticipate that the seats will likely become dirty often (especially if you have kids). 

It’s a difference of around $2,600 between the LE and the XLE, with the additions that this money gets you, not to mention with remote engine start enabled, you might want to consider sticking with the XLE.

Interior & Exterior Photos

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