2022 Corolla Cross Prices: Lease, Finance, Cash Breakdown

2022 Corolla Cross prices

2022 Corolla Cross Prices Rates and payment breakdown for leasing, finance or cash

2022 C-HR XLE vs Corolla Cross LE: The Main Differences

2022 C-HR XLE vs Corolla Cross LE

2022 C-HR XLE vs Corolla Cross LE What are the main differences? Which one you should buy? The C-HR XLE is a sporty, small and nimble crossover with enough power to thrill drivers. The Corolla Cross LE is available with the Premium package, which adds a sunroof, remote control, and wireless charging to charge your … Read more

Toyota Drive Modes: What does it do?

2022 tundra drive mode select

Nearly every Toyota model, including a number of Corolla models, now has some form of modifications in its driving dynamics owing to the Drive Mode function, which may change the car’s personality with a single button press. Do you know what they do and how they work? Let’s find out! What are the Toyota Drive … Read more

The Sleek Toyota Corolla Cross Pricing in Canada for Under $25,000

2022 corolla cross preview on road

The Corolla Cross is a versatile, affordable, and fuel-efficient vehicle that can be driven in any condition. It has the beauty and adaptability to transport you on city streets or snowy mountain passes. The Corolla Crossing pricing in Canada has been officially announced by Toyota Canada, let’s have a look! The Cross is a more traditional-looking crossover SUV, … Read more

How to Use Toyota Remote Connect with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa

How to Use Toyota Remote Connect with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa

Remote Connect, which is available on a number of Toyota vehicles 2018 or newer, can also be accessed via Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa voice command. Once you are set up, you will be able to give voice command to have your vehicle started by saying ‘Hey Google’ or ‘Hey Alexa’. This feature is extremely … Read more

How To Access Toyota Remote Connect using iWatch or Smartwatch?

Access Toyota Remote Connect with using iWatch or Smartwatch

Great news if you are an Apple iWatch or Android smartwatch user! If you are one of the many lucky owners of a Toyota vehicle with Remote Connect, you can start your vehicle right from your wrist. This is one of the best and latest features that Toyota is offering to its customers. You can … Read more

CVT vs Automatic Transmission: The Difference and Which is Best

CVT vs Automatic Transmission: The Difference and Which is Best

The choice used to be very simple when you are car shipping, you either go with an automatic transmission or a manual car.  But you have probably started to notice that more and more cars are coming with a CVT transmission. Continuously variable transmissions is a technology that has been taking off along with the … Read more

Pros and Cons of Leasing a Toyota Car

pros and cons of leasing toyota vehicles

Shopping for a vehicle is often not an easy decision. When it comes to leasing a Toyota car, it can be hard to understand the pros and cons. Some will decide to pay full cash for the vehicle, while others may consider leasing or finance one. It really is a personal decision depending on your … Read more

Toyota Smart Key System: What Can It Do For You?

smart key push to start- smart key fob

With the Toyota Smart Key System, the engine immobilizer will disable the engine when the properly coded Smart Key is not detected inside the vehicle, ensuring maximum security and deterrent from theft. Besides allowing you to get into your car and start the engine, you may not know that the Toyota Smart Key System can … Read more