Toyota Vehicle Wait Time Guide (Updated)

Toyota Vehicle Wait Time Guide

With the ever-increasing vehicle shortages, new car orders are taking longer to process. If you want to get a car quickly, be sure to place your order as soon as possible since the wait time will increase. Overall waiting time is affected by a variety of factors. For example, hybrid cars have longer overall wait … Read more

Brand New Toyota Vehicles: Take Home in 1-2 Months!(April 2022)

It’s never been more difficult to purchase a new automobile from a dealership than it is now! With the continuing lack of computer chips and other resources, most car manufacturers have been unable to produce enough vehicles to meet customer demands. Fortunately, Toyota Canada has been upping its game! Although the bulk of the cars … Read more

Toyota BZ4X Specs: More Details Released!

2023 toyota bz4x specs

Toyota has now given some information about its forthcoming Toyota BZ4X Specs. The battery-electric SUV was debuted at the Shanghai auto show earlier this year. The new RAV4’s design is distinctive and different from prior models. It has a contemporary appearance that differs from others in the RAV4 lineup. The designers were reportedly inspired by the … Read more

The Sleek Toyota Corolla Cross Pricing in Canada for Under $25,000

2022 corolla cross preview on road

The Corolla Cross is a versatile, affordable, and fuel-efficient vehicle that can be driven in any condition. It has the beauty and adaptability to transport you on city streets or snowy mountain passes. The Corolla Crossing pricing in Canada has been officially announced by Toyota Canada, let’s have a look! The Cross is a more traditional-looking crossover SUV, … Read more