8 Reasons The Toyota RAV4 Prime Is A Good Buy Over A Tesla Model Y

2021 has been a year of change for electric vehicles. With Toyota and other brands like General Motors and Volkswagen targeting the electric market with new electric models, more and more manufacturers are now in the process bringing their offers out as soon as possible.

The two definitive and popular choices on the market is going full electric or going hybrid. Each has its own fanfare and both are great options. While brands like Tesla offer full electric cars, other companies like Toyota are now offering an eclectic line of choices in vehicles with hybrid systems to plug-in hybrid.

With vehicles big and small, ranging from hybrid Corollas to plug-in hybrid RAV4s. While having more options on the market is great for consumers, it can be a little confusing which choice is the most suitable and worth your money. Is the Tesla Model Y or Toyota RAV4 Prime a good buy?

While any Tesla car would have a sizable fanfare, you’d be surprised to find that the RAV4 Prime has a lot of strengths on offer which may entice you to consider it as the top contender. Let’s have a look at why the Toyota RAV4 Prime is a good buy!

Drive Longer With the RAV4 Prime

The problem with full electric cars is the short driving range per charge, which makes it a problem for longer trips.  You need to always make sure that your journey will pass through places with charging available and allocate enough time to have the vehicle charged up.

The RAV4 Prime, on the other hand, comes with a 2.5 Litre 4-Cylinder engine as well as traditional electric engines. When and if the battery pack runs out, the RAV4 Prime simply switches back to drive as a hybrid vehicle.

Although the RAV4 Prime’s battery can only provide up to 68KM of driving when driving on electric power only, With a full charge and a full tank of gas, you can expect to drive over 1,000km while the Tesla Y only can drive for around 480KM. The driving range on the RAV4 Prime is well beyond what most vehicles can offer, especially full-electric cars.

2021 Rav4 Prime XSE (Blizzard Pearl with Black Roof, Black Softex Interior) side exterior view

More Cargo Space

Naturally, when you are buying an SUV, you want it to have a lot of cargo space.  This is an area that the RAV4 Prime excels in.

The RAV4 Prime can provide plenty of cargo space. It is especially a standout if you tend to transport a heavy load, as it is rated to handle a payload of up to 1,295 pounds.

In comparison, the Tesla Model Y is not even rated for a payload of over 1,000 pounds. This makes the Toyota RAV4 Prime the more practical choice of the two.

Ready For Nearly Any Terrain and Driving Situations

At the end of the day, the RAV4 Prime is much more ready for multi-purpose driving. With 8-inch of ground clearance, it is a much higher ride than the 6.6 inch that the Tesla Model Y has.

With a higher ground clearance, it will allow you to drive through rough terrain without worrying about damage to your car.  And even if you don’t go beyond the city, you will have more an ease of mind with the RAV4 Prime if you ever accidentally drive over curbs and sidewalks.

The RAV4 Prime also comes with sport-tuned suspension and trail drive mode that increase your driving power and ability to take corners.

2021 Rav4 Prime XSE (Blizzard Pearl with Black Roof, Black Softex Interior) side exterior view

The RAV4 Prime Has Less Distractions

One of the feature that makes any Tesla special is that most features are set using the giant touchscreen inside the vehicle. This is great for some but not great for others.  To change many car settings, you will have to go through the menus on the screen, whether you are driving or not.

On the RAV4 Prime, this is less of a problem as it is designed with drivers in mind. Buttons and knobs are readily available for quick finger memory of climate control and driving modes settings, ensuring that you can maximize your attention on the road with minimal distraction.

It comes with a 8 or 9 inch touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto enabled.  The only time you might need to touch the screen is when you want to change music or use the map.

Better Build Quality and Reliability with RAV4 Prime

When you put your dollar to a car purchase, you expect to be buying quality. The Tesla lineup has had a number of built and quality issues. They are great with PR and marketing, but less so with reliability.

Toyota is notoriously known for its quality and reliability. For some, this already answers whether the Toyota RAV4 Prime is a good buy. Toyota may be slow to get started with their electric-powered offerings, for consumers, this may not be a bad thing.

The way Tesla works is they innovate, push out technology and updates quickly, and see how things go. You are essentially the lab test for Tesla.

Toyota takes a different route, products are only released after rigid testing is done to confirm safety and endurance.

2021 Rav4 Prime XSE (Blizzard Pearl with Black Roof, Black Softex Interior) side exterior view

RAV4 Prime is more practical

The RAV4 Prime isn’t just designed to provide you with the option of driving with full electric power, it is also designed to be driven as a hybrid vehicle when you electric juice is out or when you just can’t be bothered to charge up the car.

Going with the Tesla Model Y, you have to always ensure that the battery has a charge or the vehicle will not function at all. While the electric-only driving range is higher on the Tesla Model Y, the RAV4 Prime offers are better and more practical. The combined gas+hybrid+electric power drive range on the RAV4 Prime is over 1,000km, which is significantly better for trips and busy lives

RAV4 Prime cost less money

The price tag for the RAV4 Prime is less than the Tesla Model Y. The entry trim for the RAV4 Prime is only around $39K when calculated with government subsidy. The Tesla Model Y is around $54K.

The cost for overall maintenance is also lower on the RAV4 with the majority of the maintenance can be done at many auto facilities. With the Tesla Model Y, your options are limited when things go wrong and parts for Tesla are not exactly known to be cheap.

2021 Rav4 Prime XSE (Blizzard Pearl with Black Roof, Black Softex Interior) side exterior view


Either car will offer a long list of benefits, but the ownership and usage will be quite different so do consider carefully.

The Toyota RAV4 Prime is a good buy and it is extremely in-demand. The wait for the RAV4 Prime can be quite long at this point. If you are considering getting one, check out our full list of trims and features that the RAV4 Prime has on offer and put in an order for unit soon.

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