Honda CR-V full redesign: 2023 design shown in spy shot

Honda has been teasing us with 2023 Honda CR-V full redesign rumours for a while now, but we still haven’t seen any official details. That is until today when the 2023 Honda CR-V showed up in a spy shot and we got an early look at what it will probably look like.

The 2023 design is very different from the current model and it’s clear that this new vehicle will offer some major improvements to make it competitive against the Toyota RAV4 and other SUVs on the market!

Honda is hard at work on the 2023 CR-V prototypes, and we may have a glimmer of hope about the next model being even more ecologically responsible.

We now have photos of the compact crossover SUV prototypes that were caught on a few occasions by our spy photographers this year. Despite being fully clothed in thick black-and-white camouflage, the new design is easy to identify, as well as potential changes in size.

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The 2023 Honda CR-V’s fresh style can’t be hidden, no matter how much camouflage is applied. According to latest spy shots, the new appearance appears to have reached its final form. The rendering transforms what we can see into a crossover design that makes the model appear to be considerably more mature.

Lucky for us, has decided to get rid of the distracting camouflage in order to get a better look at the new generation’s design possibilities. And there appears to be some fantastic news for Honda fans.

In front, the CR-V appears longer than its current form, with longer overhangs. Low fog lights flank the bottom grille opening. The front end is flatter and less angular, and the thin-slit headlights are connected by a chrome band that runs across the trapezoidal grille.

Honda is particular about how it modifies the 2023 CR-V because it is one of its most popular cars across the world, especially in the United States. The most recent line of spy photos appears to show the CR-V’s final prototype form, thus we may readily presume this rendering is as accurate as possible.

Although the final design may still be different, so far the CR-V will look more mature and elegant than ever before. Will it be gas only, offer a hybrid variant or full electric? We’ve yet to know what kind of car the new CR-V will be.

With a bigger size, could the 2023 Honda CR-V offer more than 5 seats in the next version? We shall wait and find out! You can expect the redesigned Honda CR-V to be introduced in 2022, and be available across North America as a 2023 model.

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