If you’re thinking about buying a Venza Hybrid, keep in mind that the inside design is quite distinct, especially when comparing the LE and XLE trims. The entry-level trim is labelled as LE, which is followed by XLE and Limited. This follows a similar pattern to many current Toyota models.

What are the major distinctions between the Venza LE and XLE? The LE is a lower-cost alternative to the XLE, but it offers many features. Although both trims of the Limited have several features in common, they do differ significantly from each other.

Check out our list below for the most significant changes. When you’ve finished, check out our Venza Hybrid Trim Levels Guide to learn about all of their features side by side!

Major Differences Between the Venza LE vs XLE:

2022 Venza Hybrid Compare LE vs XLE-headlights

Unique LED Headlights

Innovative and stylish, the Venza Hybrid XLE and Limited come with unique LED headlights that offer a high level of light with low power consumption to extend your car’s battery life so you can drive safely at night or on dimly lit roads!

2022 Venza Hybrid Compare LE vs XLE-stop light

High-Mounted Stop Light

The stop light on the Hybrid XLE and Limited is mounted high up and as long as the vehicle. The LE, on the other hand, has a backup signal that is high-mounted instead of being low-mounted.

2022 Venza Hybrid Compare LE vs XLE-driver view

Driver Seat with More Technology

When it comes to Venza LE vs XLE, the interior variations of the Venza Hybrid should be on your radar. Each is quite distinct from the others. The Limited and XLE have larger displays and a different climate control panel design than the standard model.

2022 Venza Hybrid Compare LE vs XLE-touch screen

Bigger, Wider Touch Screen

On the Venza, you get a 12.3-inch widescreen slide gesture-enabled display on the XLE and Limited trims. There’s more room for Apple CarPlay on the LE! The smaller 8-inch screen is available on the LE.

2022 Venza Hybrid Compare LE vs XLE-entrance (1)

Upscale Climate Control

Because the climate control console is more sophisticated, the XLE and Limited’s touch-sensitive buttons are utilized in place of tuning knobs, which are only available on the LE.

2022 Venza Hybrid Compare LE vs XLE-seats

High Quality Seats

The cloth seats in the LE are quite reasonable. The seats in the XLE or Limited are replaced with SofTex leather seats, which have intricate stitching and a distinctive appearance.

2022 Venza Hybrid Compare LE vs XLE-in dash display

Bigger Dashboard Display

If the 4.2″ vertical screen isn’t enough for you, consider the 7″ colour display that sits lethargically between the speedometers on the dashboard of XLE and Limited.

2022 Venza Hybrid Compare LE vs XLE-wheel type

Sophisticated Alloy Design

All Venza Hybrid models come with alloy wheels and they look great. The best part: the higher trims come with a very cool design that really makes the car look good.

2022 Venza Hybrid Compare LE vs XLE-entrance

Lite-Up Entrance Light

For the driver’s side entrance, the Venza Hybrid Limited has an illuminated scuff plate. This adds to the car’s luxury and overall appearance.


When considering the Venza LE vs XLE, there is a plethora of features that should be discussed in greater detail, but there is only so much room on this page. 

Did you realize the Venza comes with a variety of interior colours? All this and more is on our Venza Hybrid Trim Levels Guide, check out the trims and features for each trim to learn more!

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