2022 Toyota Highlander Interior

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The Highlander is not your average SUV. Not only does it have enough room for all of you and whatever gear needs carrying, but there’s an outlet right where the driver would typically sit!

The 2022 Toyota Highlander interior has two front seats and lots of space for its backseats so everyone can travel comfortably without any worries. Even if more than one person travels in this vehicle at once, they’ll never feel cramped due to its spaciousness. The seats in this car will make you feel like royalty. Come see all of the available options for seat material and colour!

2021 highlander hybrid platinum red- Interior front seats with panoramic sunroof

Panoramic Sunroof

The panoramic sunroof is a great way to make your commute more enjoyable. Not only can you enjoy the natural light, but it’ll also keep those in the middle row happy too!

Head-Up Display

You don’t have to worry about getting distracted when you’re behind the wheel because its interior is designed with one thing in mind: driving. With an innovative head-up display that lets drivers stay focused on their route without looking away from where they are going or how fast things will be coming up.

2021 Sienna Hybrid limited touch screen display

12.3 Inch Slide-Friendly Touchscreen

The 12.3-inch wide display is a Highlander Hybrid feature only available on the Platinum and it’s perfect for those who want to use this screen with slide gesture-enabled so you can swipe up or down in menus, as well move items left-right when needed!

11 Speaker JBL Audio System

The 2022 Highlander Hybrid interior is a stylish of traditional and modern. The heated leather seats are seamlessly integrated with the 11 speaker JBL Audio System, which has been customized for your new ride by their top experts in sound quality!

2021 highlander platinum black leather interior

Middle Row Captain Seats

This model is a rare find! The Platinum has two captain’s chairs that have enough room for four people, but they’re not just any old bench seats. These particular positions offer extra legroom and storage in between the driver and passenger areas as well.

Power-Adjusted Front Seats

The Highlander is a nimble little car that can comfortably seat both driver and passenger in its power-adjustable seats. With dual controls for each, you’re sure to enjoy the ride no matter what life throws at ya!

2021 Highlander XSE wireless charger

Wireless Charging

Toyota Highlanders are the perfect on-the-go SUV. Not only do they have plenty of room for your entire family, but it comes equipped with wireless charging technology that can juice up their batteries without any wires or plugs!

Apple CarPlay and Andriod Auto

The 2022 Highlander Hybrid is the perfect car for those who want to stay connected and not miss out on anything happening in their lives. With its inclusion of Apple CarPlay, you can connect your phone right from within Maps while driving!

And much, much more!

The Toyota Highlander is a great choice for those who need an all-inclusive, family friendly vehicle. It has built in wireless charging and shades that can be raised or lowered to accommodate your needs on any adventure! You’ll love the captain’s chair or bench seating with heated steering wheel so you don’t have cold hands while driving through winter months!

Not all features are available on every model, check out our Highlander or Highlander Hybrid trim guide for more details!

2021 Highlander Hybrid XLE Blueprint built-in sunshade

Mid-row built-in window shades

2021 Highlander XSE wireless charger

Wireless charging capability

2nd Row Captain’s Chairs or Bench seating

Heated Leather Steering Wheel

2021 Highlander XSE centre console

Multi-Drive Modes

Dash storage space

Seat Design

Toyota Highlander seats are available in a variety of materials and leathers. Some versions may come with SofTex leather, while higher models have genuine leather interiors.

Cargo Storage

Toyota Highlander models come with plenty of cargo space and an extra tire. Pull up the third row seats when you have more guests coming or leave them down for even more storage! The spare tire is located underneath.

Interior with lots of extra storage space

Cargo space with retractable 3-row seat

available backup tire

Wide cargo space with spare tire stored underneath vehicle

Trims & Features

The Highlander comes with a variety of added options depending on the trim. Check out our Highlander Trim Levels Guide for an in-depth look at the trims and features available, before you decide: