It’s a rivalry that will never die. Between the 2022 Honda Civic and the Toyota Corolla, they’ve sold millions of cars-and the competition hasn’t diminished with new competitors or types in recent years either!

The two cars are always fighting for the top spot: one vying to be better than its counterpart while also fighting off newer makes/ Models trying their luck at taking over North America’s hearts.

So the 2022 Honda Corolla vs Toyota Civic: Which car is better? The latest Corolla sedan has newfound verve to go with its excellent value, while the still-cooling Civic emerges fresh from a redesign. Let’s check out their refined style and standard safety gear and see which one you think is best!

Size and Specs

It is inevitable that two cars from different brands will have some similarities. The 2022 Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla are no exception in terms of dimensions, gas mileage or features!

Honda CivicToyota Corolla
Engine2.0L 4-cylinder
1.5L Turbo 4-cylinder (Touring)
1.8L 4-cylinder (L models)
2.0L 4-cylinder (S-models)
TransmissionCVTCVT (L models
Direct-Shift CVT (S-models)
Horsepower158 / 180 (Touring)139 (L-models)
169 (S-models)
Ground Clearance5.27 in5.30 in
Height55.7 in56.6 in
Length184 in182.5 in
Width81.9 in70.1 in
Fuel Tank Size46.9L50L
Gas Consumption7.7/6.0/6.9
7.8/6.3/7.1 (Sport)
7.9/6.1/7.1 L/100km (L, LE & LE Upgrade)
7.6/5.8/6.7 L/100km (SE, SE Upgrade, Nightwatch & Apex)
8.1/6.3/7.3 L/100km (XLE)
7.7/6.1/7.0 L/100km (XSE)
Learn about their trim-to-trim features with our trim levels guide:

Honda CivicToyota Corolla

The Similarities Between 2022 Honda Civic vs Toyota Corolla

Corolla and Civic are two very similar cars. They both have approximately the same size, shape and seating capacity of 5 people per car. Even the safety technology is very comparable, although Toyota does offer a bit more refinement in this area.

The Corolla is offered in at least 9 different automatic versions while the Civic only has 4 versions to choose from.  If we don’t include the Corolla L (which is the most barebone Corolla), these features are standard on both vehicles:

Standard Features Both Have:

  • Heated front seats
  • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support
  • Blind Spot Monitoring system
  • 16″ Steel Wheels
  • LED headlights

Although they may be referred to with different names, These safety features are available on every 2022 Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla:

Safety Features Both Have:

Learn about their trim-to-trim features with our trim levels guide:

Honda CivicToyota Corolla

2022 Toyota Corolla

With a new Toyota Corolla in 2022, you’ll be able to get all of your driving needs fulfilled with one simple vehicle! Not only does it come equipped as standard with Bi-LED headlight and taillights but also pedestrian collision detection for safety on public roads. 

2022 Honda Civic

The 2022 Honda Civic is a good choice for the person who wants to stay in control, especially with its many features that make life easier. With parking sensors and power passenger seat as well as speed-sensing wipers it’s easy-going behind the wheel of this car!


The 2022 Honda Civic’s pricing is similar to those of the Toyota Corolla S-models. Despite this, if you want to save money on a car, the Corolla offers additional trims that the Honda does not. Here are the MSRP according to the manufacturer’s website:

Honda CivicToyota Corolla
$24,465 – LX
$26,756 – EX
$27,865 – Sport
$30,265 – Touring
$19,450 – L
$22,190 – LE
$23,690 – SE
$24,190 – LE Upgrade
$26,670 – SE Upgrade
$27,550 – XLE
$29,050 – XSE


So which car do you prefer? You’ve seen the strengths of both cars and their trim levels. Which one would you choose, or are they too alike for your preference to differentiate between? Let us know in the comments below!

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