2022 Highlander Hybrid Interior

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The 8 Best 2022 Highlander Hybrid Interior Features

The Highlander is a sleek and stylish SUV that can charge your phone on the go. The 2022 Highlander Hybrid interior has plenty of room in both front as well back seats for passengers with its 2 beds, or it could easily be used by just one person if need-be!

The 2.5 Litre 4-cylinder engine is matched with self-charging hybrid technology to help this vehicle achieve low emissions; making driving more environmentally friendly while still providing great power when necessary. The seats in this car will make you feel like royalty. Come see all of the available options for seat material and colour!

2021 Sienna Hybrid limited touch screen display

12.3 Inch Slide-Friendly Touchscreen

The 12.3-inch wide display is a Highlander Hybrid feature only available on the Platinum. This screen is great to use with slide gesture-enabled so you can swipe up or down for items in menus and popups as well move them left or right when needed!

11 Speaker JBL Audio System

The 2022 Highlander Hybrid interior is a stylish of traditional and modern. The heated leather seats are seamlessly integrated with the 11 speaker JBL Audio System, which has been customized for your new ride by their top experts in sound quality!

2021 Sienna Hybrid XLE Blizzard Pearl w Chateau SofTex Leather

Panoramic Sunroof

The panoramic sunroof is excellent to have and it’s a unique Highlander Hybrid feature on both Limited trim level or Platinum. Now even your passengers in the middle row can enjoy more natural light during long commute trips!

Head-Up Display

The Highlander hybrid interior is a spacious, stylish place. It features an innovative head-up display that lets you stay focused on the road without needing to turn your attention from driving for even one second!

2021 Highlander Hybrid XLE Blueprint built-in sunshade

Built-in Window Sunshades

Imagine driving your car down the street and having all of these people looking at it like you’re royalty. The Highlander Hybrid interior is a sight to behold with its sunshades built-in, making sure that only those who are worthy get their eyes on what’s inside!

Apple CarPlay and Andriod Auto

The 2022 Highlander Hybrid is the perfect car for those who want to stay connected and not miss out on anything happening in their lives. With its inclusion of Apple CarPlay, you can connect your phone right from within Maps while driving!

2021 highlander platinum black leather interior

Middle Row Captain Seats

The middle row seats on the Platinum are unlike any other trim. While most models have a bench for seating three people, this particular model has two captain’s chairs that will make your passengers feel right at home!

Power-Adjusted Front Seats

The Highlander is a nimble little car that can comfortably seat both driver and passenger in its power-adjustable seats. Power driver and passenger seats are available on the XLE and up. With its hybrid engine, it has no problem getting up to speed quickly!

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