2021 Venza Hybrid LE in Coastal Grey Metallic

2021 Venza Hybrid LE in Coastal Grey Metallic

This 2021 Venza Hybrid in Celestial Grey Metallic is will have you working less to get your chores done. With 6.1 L/km, the fuel economy of this vehicle makes it easy for even struggling college students like me to fill up their tanks (sometimes not having much money can make life difficult).

There are several other available trims for this car. Be sure to get a tour of this car with the video above or check out the many photos in the photo gallery below!

The 2.5 Litre 4-cylinder engine allows car owners in long commutes or road trips with ease and comfort along the way! Finally, when was the last time Japan made something NOT cool?

2021 venza hybrid le celestial grey (3)

The new 2021 Toyota Venza has a distinctive long taillights, giving it added appeal. It features an attractive design with high-end 18″ alloy wheel rims that make the ride look classy.

2021 venza hybrid le celestial grey rear side

The new 2021 Venza Hybrid is a technological masterpiece. The interior has been meticulously crafted with luxurious fabric seating to produce an elegant feel while you drive, all the while protecting your body from excess heat or cold through its multiple heating settings for both driver and passenger seats.

2021 venza hybrid le fabric seats (2)

The 2021 Venza Hybrid in celestial grey metallic have a 4.2-inch info display and leather steering wheel that you can use to keep track of your car’s stats as well the current weather conditions, time zones, etc., all from one unit!

2021 venza hybrid le dashboard
2021 venza hybrid le touchscreen

The 2021 Toyota Venza has an 8″ touchscreen for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to keep you on track every step of your way.

2021 venza hybrid le front driver seat

The 2021 Venza Hybrid is a vehicle that comes with lots of great features for modern convenience. It’s equipped with smart key technology and wireless charging abilities.

2021 venza hybrid le climate control

and tactile buttons on the climate control panel to make it easy to use even in dark conditions or while you’re wearing gloves!

Interior & Exterior Photos

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