2021 RAV4 CRV Comparison

The Toyota RAV4 is certainly one of the most popular SUV available on the market. We’ve made this 2021 RAV4 CRV comparison to help you understand all the similarities and differences between these two cars. Both are great 5-seat vehicles that you will sure to be happy with for years to come.

One interesting fact is that the two cars are in different life cycles with their designs.  The Honda CR-V has remained more or less with the same look and design since 2017. While the Toyota RAV4 was fully redesigned back in 2019 so the model that is available right now is still very fresh.

So there’s a good chance that a new redesign for the CR-V will inevitably be released in the next year or two.  While the RAV4’s design is still very fresh, you are likely to not have to worry about a fully refreshed design for a few years.Index


2021 toyota rav4 vs honda crv compare

Toyota RAV4


  • Stronger engine with more horsepower
  • 8-speed automatic
  • LED headlights and roof rail on all trims
  • All trims have anti-glare rearview mirror
  • All windows have auto up/down
  • Bigger touchscreens available on higher trims
  • Higher quality sound system with more speakers
  • More advanced collision avoidance with pedestrian and biker detection in low lights
  • Comes with front/back parking sensors on the top trim 


  • No power passenger seat available

Honda CR-V


  • Available panoramic sunroof on higher trims
  • Heated rear seats on more trims than RAV4
  • Remote engine start and dual-zone climate control on all trims
  • Wifi Tethering comes on all trims 


  • Only Eco mode available
  • No ventilated seats or digital display rearview mirror available
  • Only driver window has auto up/down
  • No front/back parking sensors available

Trims & Pricing

Toyota RAV4Honda CR-V
FWD$28,590 LE$32,190 XLE$29,970 LX
AWD$30,690 LE$34,290 XLE$37,090 XLE Premium$39,390 Trail$42,910 TRD Off Road$41,690 Limited$32,770 LX$36,670 Sport$38,470 EX-L$42,070 Touring$43,870 Black Edition

The Toyota RAV4 is offered in 2 FWD variations and 6 AWD variations.  The LE and XLE are the entry trims & Limited is the top. The Trail and TRD Off Road includes additional features that increase its off-road ability and towing power.

The CR-V comes in 5 AWD and 1 FWD trims. Touring is technically the top trim since Black Edition is mostly an aesthetic upgrade only.

Please note that these are the MSRP prices and each manufacturer may change pricing without notice. Check the manufacturer’s website for the most updated numbers.


Toyota RAV4Honda CR-V
Engine2.5 Litre 4 Cylinder1.5 Litre 4 Cylinder Turbo
Transmission8-Speed AutomaticContinuously variable transmission (CVT)
All Wheel Drive OptionYesYes
Towing Capacity1,500 Lbs1,500 Lbs
Available Drive ModesEco, Sport, Normal, Snow, Mud & Sand, Rock & DirtEco Only

The RAV4 is the winner for this round. Its engine is a  2.5 Litre 4 Cylinder. Although the engine on the CR-V is turbo charged, it is still not on-par with the power that the RAV4 can provide, with 213 horsepower, that’s 23 more horsepower than the CR-V.

The RAV4 also offers 8-speed automatic, which most people will prefer over the CVT transmission that the CR-V offers.  There’s also more drive modes available with the RAV4, as it is more equipped for non-city adventures.

Exterior Features

Toyota RAV4Honda CR-V
LED HeadlightsAll TrimsTouring & Black Edition Only
FoglightsXLE and up (LED on TRD Off Road and Limited)LED on all Trims except LX
SunroofAll trims except LEAll Trims except LX
Panoramic SunroofNoTouring and Black Edition
Rain-Sensing WipersXLE and upNo
Power BackdoorAll trims except LEAll trims except LX
Kick-sensing BackdoorLimited Edition OnlyNo
Roof RailAll TrimsAll trims except LX

The RAV4 does offer a number of exterior features that is not on most CR-V trims. On the RAV, every trim comes with roof rail but the CR-V does not have it on the LX. All RAV4 comes with LED headlights but the CR-V offers LED foglights on all trims except the lowest one.

Sunroof is available on most trims for both cars, but the CR-V is the only choice that has a panoramic sunroof option. But the RAV4 does also offer exclusive features not seen on the CRV, such as the kick-sensing backdoor on the Limited and rain-sensing wipers on most trims.

Fuel Consumption (L/100 KM)

Toyota RAV4Honda CR-V
Front Wheel Drive (City/Hwy/Combined)8.8/6.8/7.9 L/100km (LE FWD) 8.5/6.8/7.7 L/100km (XLE FWD)8.3/7.0/7.7
All Wheel Drive (City/Hwy/Combined)8.7/6.9/7.9 L/100km (LE AWD) 8.8/7.1/8.0 L/100km (XLE AWD/XLE Premium) 9.4/7.1/8.4 L/100km (Trial/TRD Off Road/Limited)8.7/7.4/8.1
Fuel Tank Capacity55L53L

For this round, the Honda CR-V wins out by a notch. The CR-V generally offers slightly better gas consumption rating but the difference is marginal. Looking at the combined mileage for the all-wheel drive offerings, the two cars are nearly identical.  It’s the higher RAV4 Trail, TRD Off Road, and Limited that uses a little more gas than the rest, likely due to the added Dynamic Torque Vectoring w/ Rear Driveline Disconnect that the CRV does not offer.


2021 toyota rav4 vs honda crv compare
Toyota RAV4Honda CR-V
Heated Front SeatsAll TrimsAll Trims
Heated Rear SeatsOnly on LimitedEX-L, Touring, Black Edition
Ventilated Front SeatsTrail, TRD Off Road, LimitedNo
Leather SeatingXLE Premium, Trail, TRD Off Road, Limited (Softex Leather)Sport (fabric mixed)EX-L, Touring (full leather)
Driver Seat MemoryXLE Premium, Trail, TRD Off Road, LimitedEX-L, Touring, Black Edition
Power Driver SeatAll Trims except LEAll Trims except LX
Power Passenger SeatNoEX-L, Touring, Black Edition
Heated Leather Steering WheelAll Trims except LEAll Trims except LX

For seating and comfort, the RAV4 offers a little more than the CR-V. Both cars offer heated front seats on all trims; and heated leather steering wheel and power driver seats are on most trims.

But the RAV4 comes with ventilated front seats for the Limited trim and is not available on the CR-V. On the other hand, the CR-V comes with power passenger seat option on the higher trims, something that the RAV4 does not provide.

Technology Features

Toyota RAV4Honda CR-V
Remote Engine StartXLE Premium and upAll Trims
Dual-Zone Climate ControlAll Trims except LEAll Trims
Wireless ChargingOnly on Trail, TRD Off Road, LimitedOnly on Touring and Black Edition
Anti-Glare Rearview MirrorAll TrimsEX-L, Touring, Black Edition Only
Digital Display Rearview MirrorOnly on LimitedNo
Garage Door OpenerOnly on LimitedAll Trims except LX
Windows w/ Auto Up/DownAll Trims (All Windows)All Trims (Driver Side Only)

In terms of technology, both cars offer comparable features across their lineup. The CR-V generously includes remote engine start and dual-zone climate control across all trims. But the RAv4 comes with digital display rearview mirror (exclusive to the Limited trim), and windows w/ auto up/down for all windows (CR-V only provides for the driver-side)

Entertainment Features

2021 toyota rav4 vs honda crv compare
 Toyota RAV4Honda CR-V
Touchscreen7-Inch (LE, XLE)8-Inch (XLE Premium and up)7-Inch
Audio System11 speaker JBL System (TRD Off Road, Limited)6 speakers (All other trims)4 speakers (LX)6 speakers (Sport)8 speakers (EX-L)9 speakers (Touring, Black Edition)
Apple CarPlay and Android AutoYesYes
SiriusXM CompatibleOnly on XLE Premium, Trail, TRD Off Road, LimitedOnly on EX-L, Touring, Black Edition
WIFI TetheringNoYes

The RAV4 is the better choice with entertainment features, thanks to a bigger 8″ touchscreen and 11 speakers JBL sound system that comes on the higher trims.

Either car will offer access to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto on all trims and Sirius XM compatibility on higher models for those who still use it.

Noticeably, the CR-V does offer WiFi Tethering which the RAV4 does not provide.

Safety Features

 Toyota RAV4Honda CR-V
Collision Avoidance SystemYesYes
Low Light Pedestrian & Bikers DetectionYesNo
Lane DetectionYesYes
Auto Lane Keeping AbilityYesYes
Dynamic Cruise ControlYesYes
Auto High BeamYesYes
Blind Spot Monitor AlertAll TrimsYes (except LX)
Parking SensorsOnly on LimitedNo
Built-in NavigationOnly on TRD Off Road, LimitedOnly on Touring, Black Edition

Either the RAV4 or the CR-V, you should be in good hands when it comes to safety features. both cars offer a comparable list of options. Noticeably, the RAV4 comes with a more advanced version of the Toyota Safety Sense 2.0, with low light detection for pedestrian and bikers.

The RAV4 also adds blind spot monitor alert to all trims (CR-V only has it on models higher than LX).  Surprisingly, front/back parking sensors are missing on the CR-V but is included on the RAV4 Limited.

Warranty Coverage

 Toyota RAV4Honda CR-V
Basic Warranty3 years or 60,000km3 years or 60,000km
Powertrain5 years or 100,000km5 years or 100,000km
Roadside Assistance3 years or Unlimited3 years or Unlimited
Paint Corrosion3 years or 60,000km3 years or Unlimited
Rust Perforation5 years or Unlimited5 years or Unlimited
Emission Warranty3 years or 60,000km3 years or 60,000km

Both Toyota and Honda offers fairly comparable warranty coverage. But the Honda has unlimited mileage or 3 years of coverage on paint corrosion,.


2021 toyota rav4 vs honda crv compare
 Toyota RAV4Honda CR-V
Cargo Volume (Rear seats up)1,059L1,110L
Cargo Volume (Rear seats down)1,977L2,146L
Ground Clearance8.3-inch (LE, XLE, XLE Premium) 8.5-inch (Trail, TRD Off Road, Limited)7.8-inch (FWD) 8.3-inch (AWD)
Height67.1-inch (LE, XLE) 67.2-inch (XLE Premium) 68.6-inch (Trail, TRD Off Road, Limited)66.1-in (FWD) 66.5-in (AWD)
Width73.0-inch83.0 in
Length180.9 inch (LE, XLE, XLE Premium) 181.5 inch (Trail, TRD Off Road, Limited)180.1 in

The Honda CR-V offers a little more cargo space, this could be because of the longer width comparing to the RAV4.


Toyota RAV4Honda CR-V
FWD$28,590 LE$32,190 XLE$29,970 LX
AWD$30,690 LE$34,290 XLE$37,090 XLE Premium$39,390 Trail$42,910 TRD Off Road$41,690 Limited$32,770 LX$36,670 Sport$38,470 EX-L$42,070 Touring$43,870 Black Edition

Here are pricing for both vehicles. Note that these are the MSRP prices and may change over time.

Resell Value

 Toyota RAV4Honda CR-V
2018 Model @ 39,000km$19,440 (LE)$21,490 (XLE)$25,690 (Limited)$20,100 (LX)$23,410 (EX-L)$25,000 (Touring)
2016 Model @ 65,000km$15,920 (LE)$17,290 (XLE)$21,350 (Limited)$15,690 (LX)$18,460 (EX-L)$19,480 (Touring)

This is a comparison between older models from 3 and 5 years ago.  The estimated amount is according to the Autotrader’s price-a-car feature assuming that the vehicle’s condition is good and did not have an accident over $2,000.

This is based on July 2021 numbers and while the numbers do vary from month to month, this should at least give you a good reference as to these model’s potential resell value.

We entered the mileage using British Columbia’s average vehicle kilometres which is 13,000km/year.  3 years is 39,000km, 5 years is 65,000km/year, and so on.


So while this comparison is essentially saying that the Toyota RAV4 is the better choice overall, the Honda CR-V is still very much a worthy contender for your attention.  It has a number of features that the RAV4 simply does not provide, such as panoramic sunroof, power passenger seat, and Wifi tethering.

The Toyota RAV4, on the other hand, provides more practical features on more trims.  Features like auto up/down for all windows, roof rail, LED headlights, and rain-sensing wipers are available on most trims. The RAV4 Limited also has ventilated front seats and a kick-sensing backdoor which are not available on the CR-V.

Hopefully, you have found this 2021 RAV4 CRV comparison useful. Be sure to check out all the RAV4 trims and features if you are on the market for one soon!

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