VIdeo: 2021 Camry Hybrid XSE with Black Roof (Celestial Silver Metallic, Black Leather)

VIdeo: 2021 Camry Hybrid XSE with Black Roof (Celestial Silver Metallic, Black Leather)

The all-new 2021 Toyota Camry hybrid isn’t just about what you see; it also provides improved performance from inside out, especially when it comes to fuel efficiency and overall economy while in use.

There are several other available trims for this car. Be sure to get a tour of this car with the video above or check out the many photos in the photo gallery below!

2021 Camry Hybrid XSE with Black Roof Silver top view (1)

The 2021 Camry Hybrid has a 2.5-liter engine with 208 horsepower, automatic eCVT transmission and 5.1 litre/100km gas consumption rate that brings an exciting driving experience to the road in this new model year of Toyota’s luxury sedan!

2021 Toyota Camry Hybrid XSE passenger seat

The luxury of the new 2021 Toyota Camry hybrid continues into its interior as well with features such as a leather-wrapped steering wheel for added feel on turns and adjustable front seating to increase comfortability while driving long distances or racing down highways in style.

The car comes complete with an 8-way power-controlled driver’s side seat allowing you to find your perfect position behind the wheel before getting started each day.

2021 Camry Hybrid 7 inch in dash display

The new 2021 Toyota Camry comes equipped with the latest technology such as a 7-inch in-dash info display. The car also comes standard with Smart Key w/ Push-Button Start which allows you to walk up to get into your vehicle without having to fish around looking for your keys.

It also comes with drive mode select buttons. Choose between ECO, normal and sport mode, as well as EV mode which allows you to save battery power when driving at low speed.

2021 Camry Hybrid XSE multi drive mode select
2021 Camry Hybrid XSE 9 inch touch screen

It also comes with Apple Carplay and Android Auto on its 9″ touch screen. Futuristic LED headlights for night driving, 19-inch alloy wheels to have an attractive appearance on the road. The future looks bright in this silver beauty!

Interior & Exterior Photos

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