Video: 2021 Blue Flame RAV4 Trail with Ice Edge Roof

Video: 2021 Blue Flame RAV4 Trail with Ice Edge Roof

There’s no wonder why the RAV4 is one of the best-selling SUV across North America, it’s versatile, great-looking, and awesome to drive!

This Blue Flame with ice edge roof design is exclusive to the Trail edition, so it will definitely attract attention.

The blue flame RAV4 Trail model comes with heated/ventilated front seats, bridge-type roof rail, and an additional towing capacity of up to 3,500lbs.

This RAV4 Trail is perfect for driving in rougher condition or if you need to go on a trip with a light-size trailer. There’s lots of cargo space and legroom available on the Rav4. The driving comfort and handling are sure to please most drivers.

There are several other available trims for this car. Be sure to get a tour of this car with the video above or check out the many photos in the photo gallery below!

This blue flame RAV4 Trail comes with a 2.5 Litre V4 engine with eCVT automatic transmission that gets you 203 horsepower. The Trial comes exclusively with Dynamic Torque Vectoring w/ Rear Driveline Disconnect and has the ability to tow up to 2,000 lbs more than an average RAV4.

The RAV4 comes in a body that resembles the 4Runer and the Tacoma. The body is otherwise similar to the regular RAV4, but with bridge-type roof rail added to the top.

It comes with 19″ Trail Alloy wheels, LED headlights and a power backdoor. The RAV4 Trail comes with a sizable fender. It has a stylish roofline and large windows all around for good visibility of your surroundings.

The blue flame RAV4 Trail is nice outside and inside.  The interior is decorated with an orange accent to give the black SofTex leather extra vibrancy. There are large cup holder space and compartments all-around the driver and front passenger area for extra storage space.

The SofTex leather seats are perforated with triangle shapes throughout the centre part. Orange stitching is added to match the rest of the lines in the interior.  This trim does have heated and ventilated front seats so it is sure to be comfy driving in the summer or winter.

The 8″ touchscreen has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, giving you an option to use Spotify, Google Maps, Apple Maps, access your phone, and text message right from the touchscreen display.

The RAV4 Trail is remote connect enabled, meaning you will get a 1-year trial of remote start via the Toyota app.

2021 rav4 trail blue flame inside cabin

Climate control is decked out with huge knobs for quick and easy tuning, just underneath this area is a wireless charger that will charge your phone while you are driving if 

The RAV4 Trail is customized to give you a higher towing capacity and Dynamic Torque Vectoring w/ Rear Driveline Disconnect.

If this and the ice edge roof look does not interest you, then you can consider either taking the XLE Premium which comes with similar features, or the Limited which will also have ventilated front seats, heated rear seats, 360 bird’s-eye-view camera, and front/back sonar sensors.

Interior & Exterior Photos

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